Asian Private Aerodrome Sdn Bhd (ASPA) was incorporated on August 2010. ASPA started as a supply and services contractor for government and government link company in Malaysia. Principally involved in the provision of integrated services to the aviation (aerodrome maintenance and certification) and other related industries in Malaysia. Providing consultation and advice on designing and fabricating of a new heliport (helipad and helideck), equipment and facilities through a team of dedicated, dynamic, innovative and experienced staff. ASPA provide aviation consultancy and auditing services for clients to ensure the contracted aviation companies meet and comply with the OGP and National Standards requirements.

ASPA diversify into IT industry in 2019 with the principal support from world renowned US Base AI Company, SEELOZ Inc. Targeting the Oil and Gas and Government Entity segment on finding the purposes in harnessing and directing the power of artificial intelligence to help organizations create supply chain value or customized AI Solutions. With a suite of automation products to empower supply chains across Verticals, we are committed to the possibility of profitability which is sustainable and ethical. ASPA and Seeloz team is made up of world class leaders in data science, artificial intelligence, supply chain, and business strategy with established track records of success with enterprise firms including Microsoft, SAP, Mars & Co, Unifi, and others.